• What Makes a Good Kitchen Knife?

    You will make the most out of your kitchen knife if you understand its important components and the role they play. As a matter of fact, it is easy to choose your kitchen knife if you’re well acquainted with the basics. And because you want to Cut it Fine, we give you a lowdown of the various parts that make a good kitchen knife.

    The Bolster

    This is the part joining the handle and the blade. It offers a smooth connection between the blade and the handle. Apart from serving as a safety feature, it also reinforces the knife. The bolster also adds durability and offers a counterbalance. And because the blade is heavier than the handle, a bolster provides the balance you need to use the knife better.

    A bolster is easy to spot and a good starting point when choosing your kitchen knife.

    Serrated Edges

    You will find these in particular types of knives such as utility and bread knives. By design, serrated knives don’t cut most foods items but instead slice through certain foods much easier and neater. In fact, this is the perfect knife if you’re slicing baked foods. The only thing you need to remember is that a serrated edge won’t shred your food items and you’re better off with a longer blade for large loaves.

    The Tang

    The tang refers to the extension of the steel part from the tip of the blade to the end of the handle. And, it doesn’t matter is your knife has this part or not. What is important, however, is the length of the tang. A tang may be “full” which means that it stretches the entire length of the knife. It could be “partial” extending halfway into the socket of file end.

    A “full” tang offers a better way of attaching the handle and improves the weight as well as the balance of the knife. It adds durability and strength to the knife. Remember, when choosing your kitchen knife, you’re better off with the one with a full tang.

    The Granton Edge

    This term refers to a copyrighted trademark of the original Granton Company knife design. Most knife manufacturers, however, use the term to refer to a particular blade edge. A Granton knife features a row of identical scallops or “dimples” on each side of the blade.

    A Granton blade improves the knife’s cutting and slicing ability. Of course, this edge is beautiful, but it’s the superior slicing performance, better food release, and ease of cutting that makes it popular with home cooks and chefs.

    In Conclusion

    There’s an assortment of knives on the market, and not every unit will meet your needs. Yes, we may have talked about the blades and the handles, but the best kitchen knife is the one that’s easy to use. Be sure to choose a knife that offers an excellent grip for your safety. You may consider getting more information on what a good knife should look like more so if you have conditions such as arthritis.

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