• Take A Proper Note Of The Drive Facility Before Buying A Door Opener For Your Garage

    Garage is an important part of every house and is used as an alternative point of entry into the homes. A garage consists of a door or shutter and needs a door opener to close and open the door in the most suitable manner. Garage door opener is a motorized device that is used for opening and closing of the door using a switch that is fixed to the garage wall.

    In order to understand the working of the garage door, it is quite necessary to understand the mechanism. Garage door openers come in different technologies from large to small and it is the design and built that separates the one from the other. Opening and closing a garage door has become quite an easy process and this is handled through different drive techniques. You can get to know about the different techniques at Garage Automatics.

    Different types of drives that are used to open the garage

    Chain drive – the simplest and cheapest garage door openers use chain drives. The motor that is installed in the openers, drives the chain and in turn the chain pulls the shitter to open or close it. Chain drives are quite reliable and work for a longer period of time. They need little maintenance over time and are quite effective and give service for the longest period of time.

    Belt drive – A belt opening mechanism works on the same principle as that of chain drive and the only difference is that instead of chain or sprocket it works through a toothed belt. The belt is made of compound that has decent amount of rubber in it and this is the reason the bell drive opening machine does not cause much noise while opening or closing the shutter of the garage. The belt drive is advanced version of chain drive and provides right tension that helps in giving the opener a flexibility and right operation. Belt drives are little expensive than chain drives and are quite suitable for use if the garage is in home or anywhere beside the room of living area.

    Screw drive – It is the most advanced form of drive for opening and closing of door openers. They work through rotating a rod made up of thread. The rod moves the carriage in and out and helps the door to open and close in the process. The opening and closing of the garage door using the screw drive technique is the fastest and in terms of noise while operation they are superior than chain drives and inferior than belt drives. They are quite advanced and use latest technology in closing and opening the door of the garage. The screw drive does not have many spare parts and that makes them quite durable and easy and handy to maintain. These drives are quite reliable and are backed by a long period guarantee. Apart from durability and speed, their smoothness works in their favor and all these positives make screw drive a hit among customers.

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