• Shopping for a Rider’s Jacket? Follow These Tips

    The role of a rider’s jacket is to cover the fragile and important parts of your body: your arms, ribs, back, and all other organs. As a rule, every rider needs a motorcycle-specific jacket to experience safety and comfort during the ride. While many people are tempted to use fashion leather jackets that flood the market, such apparels are not designed for biking conditions. In essence, they cannot deal with the abrasion, crashes, or windblast that genuine motorcycle jackets can handle.

    Motorcycle jackets are available in two main categories: leather and textile jackets. High-quality rider’s jackets are available in the market from reliable retailers and authorized suppliers. You can find more about motorcycle jackets here: http://www.bikersbasics.com/history-of-motorcycles/. Leather rider’s jackets can protect you from the effects of abrasion while textile rider’s jackets are essential to keep your body at the right temperature when you ride in a bad weather. Leather jackets are more expensive but they give you that classic ‘rider’ look. Textile rider’s jackets are more affordable.

    Features of rider’s jackets

    It is important to have both jackets in your riding accessories because of the changing riding conditions. However, the jackets need to have specific features that separate them from any other jacket in the market. Good jackets for riding usually come with multiple double seams to withstand any abrasion impact and to prevent easy tearing. They are made to fit closely and comfortably on your body, with openings that bring cooling and keep your body at the right temperature. In addition, they have protective materials to cushion your body in case of a crash.

    In order to be sure that you have a genuine rider’s jacket, you should confirm whether the jacket has a safety rating, especially on the back, elbow, and shoulders. In the market, it is possible to find fake rider’s jackets with just a piece of foam in the most sensitive parts.

     The relationship between the bike and the jacket

    While jacket should fit snugly on your body, your arms should be left to articulate freely and fully. The type of jacket you choose should match the bike you ride. For example, on a sports bike, you need to bend over, calling for a free and comfortable jacket.

    Think about the weather

    The weather also contributes to the type of rider’s jacket you choose to wear. If you are going to ride in warm weather most of the time, you need a jacket with open vents and perforations or mesh to keep your body at the right temperature during the ride. For a cold weather, you need the opposite design. Some rider’s jackets can connect well with the pants at the base to form a suit. The design is better because it stays on even in the case of an accident. When you opt for that design, you should choose a relevant company to provide a matching jacket and a pant.

     Advantages of leather jacket

    Leather jackets are widely accepted for most riding conditions because they are durable, tough and can resist abrasion.

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