• Pay Monthly Websites Help You Bypass Long-term Contracts

    Have you ever felt burdened by long-term website design and hosting contracts that you can’t get out of easily? You get into a contract, and a few months down the line you are bored of being bound to it. You can’t get out because you agreed to be part of it for several months, even years. Well, one of the ways to avoid such a contract is to go for a short-term web design contract, say, for one month.

    You can now get a professional website designed by Paymonthly.Click without any long-term contracts and technical barriers. How does this work? All you need is pay for the number of months you need to use the website – nothing else. For instance, you get to pay for one month, which might be the period you want to have an online presence.

    Bundle the Website with Other Services

    You can bundle the website with other related services for that specific period. For instance, you can pay for PPC management and SEO for the period. This is a good way to design, manage and update your website without significant upfront costs.

    Just Starting Out? Get Online

    One of the challenges that new businesses experience is lack of enough capital. Renting the premises, buying supplies and equipment takes a large chunk of the capital, leaving just a little for operations. One of the ways to reduce the cost of starting the business is by opting for an affordable pay per month website plan. This plan is flexible and will scale with your business.

    What Do You Get with These Plans

    Your monthly business website plan comes with various features that you can enjoy. These include a domain name that suits your business, a website hosting package, website consultation, content upload and design, training, web design and development and so on. You can get these for any niche you are trading in, including real estate, legal, accounting, construction and medical websites. What you get is a full website that is customized to take your business to the next level.

    The Bottomline

    Every business needs an online presence to leave a mark in the current digital economy. You need a website and a social media presence. As a startup, your budget is limited, and you need every cent to get your business running. The good news for your business is that you can get online without breaking the bank using websites that you pay a monthly fee for.

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