• Elements of Great Science Fiction Literature

    Science fiction is a form of literature characterized by creative prose acts that speculate on the direction and nature of human knowledge. On that note, most, especially the best science fiction stories happen to be speculative in a plausible ‘what if’ setting. The setting is in most cases an imagination of the future, alternate world, space, different planet, or even an alternate history. The characters from the imaginary world also have to follow certain guidelines without having to be virtuous perfectly, or overly evil. They have to be well-defined and well-rounded but also complex and conflicted just like us. A great science fiction story entails a range of possibilities that are captivating and mind blowing. This article explores some of the elements that characterize this exciting genre of literature.


    Most science fiction stories are based on the speculative nature of what would happen, or how would things turn out if something out of the ordinary happened. For instance, what would it be like if the first human Alien contact occurred, what if Aliens descended upon our lands and caused conflict in their quest for supremacy? Science fiction literature tends to answer these questions of what would happen if the possibilities as mentioned earlier came to pass.


    Most sci-fi stories take place in a unique or different setting, which could be in the future, alternate time or place, or alternate worlds. There tends to be a lot of scientific speculation that completely differs from our ordinary day to day life. An integration of futuristic elements or past events in multiple galaxies is an example of how the setting of sci-fi literature is unique and different from the ordinary.

    Related Genres

    Science fiction has other closely related types of writing with horror being the closest. Most people consider most Sci-fi stories such as Frankenstein as both science fiction and horror. Also, some Zombie stories are also closely related to science fiction. However, whereas some possess a supernatural explanation, others don’t. Nonetheless, a majority of Alien Stories are loaded with horrifying, gruesome alien monsters coupled with some less scary sci-fi elements such as space travel and cloning. As such, most sci-fi stories have a related genre with horror at the forefront.

    Science and Technology

    Most science fiction stories relate to the impact of science and technology on people. For instance, time travelers in some of the most compelling science fiction stories rely on a machine that can travel through time into the future or the past. Sophisticated weapons and new forms of transport are also some of the technological impacts mostly portrayed in sci-fi literature.

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