• Electric Guitars – The Best For The Newbie Learners

    Guitars are one of the most interesting musical instruments without which music is incomplete. There has been continuous development in the model and design of the guitar. The modifications have led to the development of electric guitars. If you are passionate about learning to play guitars or you are a beginner then you can buy cheap beginner electric guitar to learn the basics of it. Once you excel to play the guitar, you can select the specific guitar of your choice.

    All the guitars are having few common characteristics. It is the solid wood body and the neck with six strings. There are tuners which can be set at the desired level for proper play and to get the desired sound pitch. At the top there is a finger board or fret board on which the strings are mounted. Individual notes are delineated when the fingerboard is pressed. The vibrations are produced when the strings are plucked. The vibrations are the beginning of the guitar sound.

    Popular types of guitar

    For the first learner, it is daunting to spot the best electric guitar. Here are discussed a few popular types of guitars for the beginners:

    • Solid body guitars: solid body guitars comprise of a wooden body. The quality of wood determines the quality of sound produced by the guitar. If the poor quality wood is used, it is sure that no good sound will be produced.
    • Acoustic guitars: Acoustic guitars can be simply played without plugging it in the socket. Acoustic guitars have steel strings and are usually larger than other types of guitar.
    • Semi acoustic guitars: This type of guitar has a thin body and aggressive appearance. When used with the amplifier they are able to control the quality of sound. They are suitable for jazz but not for the live performances.
    • Arch top guitars: This type of guitar is arched and has the body like the violin. It requires little bit practice to hold the guitar for playing it in a better manner.

    Selecting the best guitar type

    You should keep in mind a few considerations for making the right purchase.

    • The scale length of the guitar should be small to produce the warm sound. If the scale length is long then you will get the bright and better sound. For the beginners, the guitar with small scale length is ideal.
    • It is generally perceived that the strings determine the quality of the sound, well the fact is that the quality of wood determines the quality of sound.
    • Neck construction is also helpful in determining the quality of the guitar. Set neck, neck through and bolt are the common type of necks of the guitar. Each neck type has its own pros and cons thus, you have to figure it out to select the right one for you.

    When you go to buy a guitar for you, you will mainly have two choices for purchase, the electric guitar and acoustic guitar. Electric guitars are quite different from the acoustic guitars. The acoustic guitars can be simply played while the electric guitars need a cable and amplifier to be plugged in to the sockets for better sound and tuning. Electric guitars usually have lighter gauge strings as compared to the acoustic guitars and are now more preferred by the beginners.

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