• Buying a Hybrid Bike

    Are you in the market for an affordable and easy way to get fit, and fresh air? Are you looking for a way to run your errands without using your car or a cab? Would you love to change from carpooling and commute better while getting fit at the same time? Would you like to do all these on a bike that is better than a traditional bike? Well, the answer lies in a hybrid bike.

    Advances in the bike design technology make these bikes faster and more aggressive than your conventional bike. They are also more fun than what you are used to. If you plan to navigate steeper hills and still be comfortable, then this is the best bike for your needs. What features differentiate these bikes from your normal bike?

    The Tires

    One of the most visible differences is the tires. These bikes make use of 700c tires that are light and easy to roll over pavements and provide easier acceleration and faster climbing. You get to choose different treads and widths depending on your preferences. The tires allow for high air pressure to provide for higher speeds and longer rides.

    Different Frame Materials

    A frame represents the backbone of any bike. Just like other bike models, hybrid bikes’ frames are made of different materials, each with its pros and cons. The aluminum frame is the most common because it is right in weight, affordable, strong, and corrosion-resistant and makes for a great ride. On the other hand, carbon-fiber frames are lighter than aluminum, strong and rust-free. However, you have to pay some more for the carbon fiber frame.

    Gear Mechanism

    Some of the best advances so far in biking involve the gearing mechanism. It is now easier than ever to change the gears on a hybrid bike meaning it is easier to ride. Choose the number of gears for the bike depending on the terrain you plan to use the bike on. A few gears are ideal for a flat terrain while more gears are superb if you plan to ride on a rough terrain. Hybrid bikes shift gears quickly at the push of a button, and show you what gear you are in at any particular time.

    The Suspension

    Suspension forks on hybrid bikes compress and absorb any impact from rough terrain. The suspension helps insulate you from jolts and impacts for a smoother ride.


    You get a wide variety of seats made of different materials. The seats are meant to eliminate any pressure on your body. You can try on the different seats before you make the ultimate choice.


    Most hybrid bikes come with linear or direct pull rim brakes. These are suited for quick stopping and are ideal for your type of riding. Talk to experts to recommend the type of braking ideal for your needs.

    Ready to Ride?

    A hybrid bike makes it easy for you to commute and run errands. With impressive features to boot, you stand to enjoy every second on the bike. Start this awesome journey by checking out the ideal bikes at Cycling Plaza.

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