Horse Arena Design: Common Mistakes to Avoid

A horse arena is one of the biggest investments that a horse owner makes. And to get the best out of it, it is necessary to have a reliable horse arena design right from the start. A good design and structure ensures the activities are carried out in a friendly and safe manner. Also, it minimises the time and effort spend when coming up with the arena. Unfortunately, many people make a number of mistakes in the design stage .The most common are as follows:

Poor Choice of Location

One of the biggest mistakes people make when thinking of a horse arena is location. Many will spend lots of time as well as effort looking for good plans. Their aim is to have a fully-functional ground. But, few don’t give the location a thought. The type of location determines several things. These include effort, cost, maintenance expense, suitability and more. A good location will have a gentle slope, good soil structure, proper terrain, and also good climate.

Overlooking the Drainage

When coming up with a design, many people will focus on the location, materials, cost, and size. But, many don’t give the drainage the desired attention. And if they do, they do it long after the arena is up and running. The type of drainage will determine how suitable the area is. It will also influence the cost of maintaining the arena. Poor drainage contributes to poor structures. The location will become waterlogged even after a small downpour. Besides making the arena unconducive it also puts the animals and handlers at risk.

Not Considering Soil Structure

Failing to focus on the type of soil and composition is a common mistake made in horse arena designs. Coming up with a reliable arena for horses is more than constructing a good structure. It is also about considering the soil structure. The type of soil used plays a critical role in the practicality and maintenance of the arena. Good soil is less likely to be waterlogged. The cost of excavating or leveling the ground will also be cheaper. In addition, it will be stable in all weather thus providing good support to the structures.

Wrong Choice of Materials

There are many ways of constructing good horse arenas. The reliability of each method is influenced by a number of factors. These include trends in the market, personal taste, budget, availability of material and more. The golden rule is to always have an idea of the type of materials that are available while designing the arena. Different materials work differently. It is therefore important to focus more on materials that are easily found locally.

Designing the arena for the horse should be prioritised. Failure to which may lead to a number of problems during as well as after the construction stage. Many a horse owner has had to redo the entire arena simply because they overlooked or assumed an issue while designing. Some have spent way too much money on a low-quality arena. The best way to minimise the headaches, inconvenience, time-wastage, and expenses that come with designing and constructing an arena for horses is getting proper horse arena designs right from the beginning.